Introduction of Hindu Astrology

What are the Vedas?

The Vedas are a collection of hymns and other spiritual knowledge. Vedas are the ancient divine scriptures of Hindus. The language of the Vedas is Sanskrit.

Veda is called sruti .

Shruti means that which is heard. Vedas were passed on orally from one gener ation to the next. The word Veda is derived from the root 'vid' which means 'to know'.

Vedas were compiled by Veda Vyasa.

There are Four Vedas :

☑ Rig-Veda “Knowledge of the Hymns of Praise”, for recitation.

☑ Sama-Veda “Knowledge of the Melodies”, for chanting.

☑ Yajur-Veda “Knowledge of the Sacrificial formulas”, for liturgy.

☑ Atharva-Veda “Knowledge of the Magic formulas”, named after a kind of group of priests.


Hindu astrology is called the “Eye of the Veda”.
Hindu astrology is considered to be one of the Vedangas

The Vedangas are six in number. They are: Siksha or phonetics, Kalpa or ritual, Vyakarana or grammar, Nirukta or etymology, Chhandas or metrics and Jyotishya or astronomy and astrology.

Hindu Astrology is one of the oldest Science the principles of Hindu astrology were first discovered in India.

Hindu Astrology is a divine science. Which studies the effect of PLANETS AND STARS on human beings. Hindu astrology also known as vedic astrology. The word 'Astrology' is derived from two roots - 'aster,' or star, and 'logos,' or logic - giving it the meaning 'star logic'. In hindu language ‘Hindi’ Astrology is termed as Jyotish which means Jyoti + Ish. Jyoti means heavenly bodies and is means [god]


Astrology has three main branches:

★ Siddhanta (Astronomy): Astronomy & its application to astrology
★ Samhita (Mundane astrology): Covers Mundane astrology, predicting important events related to countries such as war, earth quakes, political events, astro - meteorology, financial positions, electional astrology; house & construction related matters (Vaastu Shaastra), animals, portents & omens etc.
★ Hora (Predictive astrology):

This branch has the following different styles / sub branches:-

☑ Jaatak Shaastra / Hora Shaastra (Natal Astrology / horoscopy): Prediction based on individual horoscope.

☑ Muhurt or Muhurtha (Electional astrology): Selection of beneficial time to initiate an activity to get maximum fruition from the life activities.

☑ Swar Shaastra (Phonetical astrology): Predictions based on name & sounds.

☑ Prashna (Horary astrology): Predictions based on time when a question is asked by querent / querist.

☑ Ankjyotisha / Kabala (Numerology): A branch of astrology based on numbers.

☑ Nadi Astrology: An ancient treatise having detailed predictions for individuals.

☑ Tajik Shaastra / Varsha Phal (Annual Horoscopy): Astrology based on annual solar returns.

☑ Jaimini Sutras: A non-conventional method of timing of events based on Famous Indian astrologer, Acharya Jaimini.

☑ Nastjaatakam (Lost Horoscopy): Art of tracing / construction of lost horoscopes.

☑ Streejaatak (female astrology): A special branch of astrology dealing with female nativities.