horary astrology

Horary Astrology has been around since man first watched the sun, moon, planets and stars in the heavens and became attuned to their daily, monthly, yearly cycles. It wasn't long before events on earth were correlated with celestial events; the planetary patterns in the heavens provided a calendar for their day to day living - when to sow, reap and harvest, when to best prune, when to fish; woman's monthly cycle linked in with the natural rhythms of the lunar calendar and answered the questions related to her fertility.

Horary astrology grew not so much from man's need to understand himself but his need to survive. Questions like 'will there be drought this year', 'when will we go to war', 'will the king live', are more likely to have been the questions of the day. These questions were answered by the study and knowledge of horary astrology.

Today the questions likely to be asked are more mundane and personal: Will I get the job? Is Fred the right man for the job? Where is my gold watch? Will my gold watch be returned to me? Should I buy a new car or repair the current one? Will my daughter benefit by going to a different school? When would be a beneficial time to open my new business? Will my business be successful?