A gemstone is a piece of mineral that after it has been cut and polished has been made into a piece of jewellery or another accessory.

Gemstones are used to enhance the positive effects of planets or getting desired results. Gemstone recommended will be such that will enhance positive results and will not be negative for other events of life. In addition to the gemstone weight of the gemstone, day when it should be worn, metal in which it should be worn and the finger in which it should be worn will also be advised.

Every Gemstones radiate a particular type of rays. These rays have an effect over the person as well as over the atmosphere around the wearer, and it changes the attitude of the persons around the wearer in favor of or against him. Also, it increases positivity or negativity in the wearer.

Gemstone when placed on the body gives more effect gemstones carry certain vibrations, which when placed within a person’s aura, have the effect of changing it to the wearer. It is better to wear a gemstone along with the planetary metal as per an individual’s native chart.