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About Divya Jagrati

He specializes in Vedic astrology & gemology. He is an expert in Indian 'Vastushastra' and the Chinese 'Feng shui', the art & science of channelizing the flow of energy through a "vastu" or place of work, or dwelling. He is an ISO 9001-2015 Certified Astro consultant.

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Divya Jagrati Report

Know your Career, wealth, marriage, fortune and all life events Order Now Reports in English and Hindi. This Divya Jagrati Report gives you valuable guidance and remedies. The 50-page report covering In-Depth Horoscope, Gem Recommendation and Numerology Report is now available at 50% off and you can have it in your preferred language.

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Astrological Services

People lined up at his residence to seek the advice, even before he decided to formally start his practice. On the friendly pursual of many such people

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  1. Muhurat

    Muhurat is the most appropriate and auspicious time for doing certain things and following these timings increases the chances of the task undertaken to be fruitful and successful.

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  2. Finance

    You can ask your question related to finance

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  3. Articles

    You can ask your question related to Marriage

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