Astrological remedies such as stones, mantras, enhance the chances of success in endeavors in which the person is facing difficulties. In some cases people achieve success in which they had adopted remedial measures advised by capable astrologers Gem Stone Suggestions.

Astrologer can advise you best of remedies known to him. If you facing trouble regarding career, health, education ask your question from us. We will guide you the best of our knowledge for achieving maximum success in your life.


It is the recitation of a particular sound repeatedly to overcome the problems set forth by the planet, which responds to that particular sound. The basis of mind in its objective and structural aspect is the power inherent in different combinations of sounds. How consciousness differentiates into different states of mind is an interesting question and is impossible to know in the real sense unless we can raise our consciousness to the level where this differentiation takes place and the manner in which it is brought about. Each root word generates a sound that activates a different centre in the human body that correlates to the particular planet.


This is a mystic diagram often put up as a plaque. Some Yantra are a part of Tantra practice since Yantra is one of the cardinal principles of Tantra. This practice is followed when a particular remedy has to be practiced over a long period of time and the querist is unable to perform other remedial measures due to ill-health, lack of time or distance.